Last minute team building?

Activities 20-03-2024
Last minute team building?

Organising a team building event at the last minute: an achievable challenge

Because stress is good for team spirit!πŸ™ƒ

Organising an effective team building event may seem like a complex task that requires careful planning, well in advance.

But sometimes time gets away from us, and we have to organise it all in a snap of our fingers. 😬

Can it be done? Of course, it is!

Let's explore together the art of juggling tight deadlines while keeping a smile on your face... well, maybe. 

1. Goals? Of course, we've got them... pretty much 😬

As you find yourself in this race against time, ask yourself anyway quickly what you hope to achieve with this team building. Communication? Cohesion? Or simply avoid Michael from accounts and Karen from HR, giving each other murderous glances during meetings? Whatever the objective, define it briefly, because time is running out, and Michael and Karen don't have all day. 

2. Simple activities, because complexity is overrated πŸ™…β€β™‚οΈ

When your time is limited, opt for simple but engaging activities. Thinking games, problem-solving exercises, team building activities, quick visits, walks in town or in the forest can all be planned quickly and offer satisfying results in terms of team building.

An exemple? Coddy's exploration games.

Team games, with no equipment required (just a smartphone per person - frankly, that should be fine) to visit the city in a fun and friendly way. It's all about solving riddles, taking on team challenges and discovering a city of your choice!

The latest team building game, "The Trophy of the Tribes", is a truly complete team building experience for your team! And it's totally feasible, even at the last minute! 

3. Use hidden talents... if there are any left πŸ‘€

Didn't have time to call in a team building guru? No worries. Turn to your colleagues, you know, those mysterious creatures hiding strange skills. Maybe one of them can amaze everyone with his ability to code unsolvable riddles for fun?

But don't push your luck, if you don't trust them too much... And when it comes to riddles, call in the professionals with whom you won't need to spend a thousand years talking before setting up your team building activity: I'm talking about Coddy, of course! 

4. Flexibility, the key word... πŸ•¦

Adaptability is essential when you're organising an event in a hurry. If things don't go to plan, smile, nod and improvise. After all, who needs a precise plan? You don't. In fact, it might even be a team-building experience in itself - survival in the unknown. πŸ™ƒ

Or alternatively, you find a service provider who's as flexible as your plan. Someone with whom, for example, you could play whenever you want, when your team is available, when the weather is kind, with a 365-day deadline. Who would that be? Coddy you say πŸ˜‰ 

5. Communication, because smoke signals don't always work πŸ—£

 In that last-minute rush, communication is key. Send a clear message to participants about the time, place and purpose of the event. The clearer the communication, the more likely it is that participants will be... present! "What, that was today?!" 

The moment of truth βŒ›οΈ

Now it's time to start organising your team building event. As you will have seen from this excellent article, it's perfectly possible to organise a last minute event!

Organising a team building event, even for a very large group, at the last minute is feasible as long as you use a flexible service provider who offers an activity that is simple, easy to organise and appeals to everyone.

Once again, I hear the name Coddy! Think about it when preparing your team building πŸ˜‰ It's :

  • quick to organise
  • you don't need anything (no equipment, just a smartphone!)
  • great for team building
  • fun with lots of cool puzzles
  • perfect for discovering a city
  • accessible to all
  • and totally affordable!



Join the ultimate urban team building adventure where riddles reveal the city's secrets.

Take your colleagues on a journey of discovery and fun, while creating unforgettable team memories!

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