The Best Team Building in Brussels: Coddy's Outdoor Escape Games

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The Best Team Building in Brussels: Coddy's Outdoor Escape Games

Team building activities are crucial for fostering a collaborative and motivated workforce. They help improve communication, boost morale, and enhance problem-solving skills within a team. Brussels, with its rich history, vibrant culture, and picturesque scenery, offers an ideal backdrop for such activities. Among the myriad of options available, Coddy's outdoor escape games stand out as the best team building activity in Brussels. In this article, I’ll delve into the numerous benefits of team building, explain why Coddy's outdoor escape games are on trend, provide tips for you to choose the best activities, and share with you testimonials that prove the effectiveness of these activities. Let’s go! 

Benefits of Team Building Activities

Team building activities offer several benefits that can significantly impact the overall performance and atmosphere within a company. Here are some of the key advantages I’d highlight: 

🤝 Increased Trust and Cohesion

Team building activities help build trust among team members. When employees work together to overcome challenges, they develop a sense of trust and cohesion that can improve teamwork and collaboration. Team building activities are an excellent opportunity for employees to build and strengthen these fundamental bonds that are key in a successful company. 

🧩 Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills

Team building activities often present unique challenges that require creative solutions. These activities help teams develop and refine their problem-solving skills, which can be applied to work-related tasks. Whether it's solving riddles, finding clues, or completing missions, team building activities encourage employees to think critically, analyze situations, and come up with innovative solutions

🙌 Boosted Morale and Motivation

Engaging in fun and challenging activities can significantly boost team morale and motivation. When team members feel valued and enjoy their time together, their productivity and job satisfaction increase. Team building activities provide a break from the routine, allowing employees to relax, have fun, and bond with their colleagues. This can lead to a more positive work environment and higher levels of motivation. 

🗣 Improved Communication and Collaboration

Team building activities create an environment where team members must communicate and collaborate effectively to achieve common goals. This improved interaction fosters better teamwork in the workplace. By participating in team building activities, employees learn to listen to each other, understand different perspectives, and work together towards a common objective. These skills are essential for effective communication and collaboration in the workplace. 

💪 Identification of Skills

Team building activities can help identify the strengths and weaknesses of individual team members. This information can be valuable for managers, as it allows them to allocate tasks based on employees' strengths and provide support where needed. Understanding the skills of team members can lead to more effective task delegation and better overall performance. 

What is an outdoor escape game?

An outdoor escape game is an urban adventure where participants solve riddles and complete challenges. The game is set in the city center and combine elements of treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, and problem-solving tasks. Players work in teams, using clues and their surroundings to progress through the game. It's a fun, engaging way to explore and (re)discover the city while testing teamwork and problem-solving skills. 

Why Coddy’s Outdoor Escape Games are the Best Team Building Activity

First of all, what’s Coddy? Coddy is a Belgian company specialized in creating quality outdoor escape games. These games are designed to provide an engaging and memorable team building experience. You are looking for team building ideas? Well, let me tell you why Coddy is the best choice for team building in Brussels (or elsewhere!): 

😄 Fun Teambuilding

This is something that a lot of team buildings out there are missing… this kind of activities should be FUN! That’s why Coddy’s outdoor escape games are not just challenging but also amusing. These games are designed to be enjoyable and engaging, providing a break from the routine and allowing employees to have fun while developing important skills. 

🌟 Unique and Memorable Experience

Coddy's outdoor escape games provide an opportunity for employees to bond and create lasting memories. The unique nature of these games guarantees that team members will talk about the experience long after it is over, reinforcing the benefits of team building. And you, organiser of the event, will make your mark for having chosen such an original activity! 😉 

🎯 Customizable Options

Coddy offers customizable options to suit the specific needs and objectives of your team. It is possible, for example, to include your logo if you want to make the game more “corporate” or even add a quizz related to your company. There can also be a host from Coddy to lead the presentation of the game and the announcement of the winners… 

🔍 Varied Game Offer

Coddy’s games are designed to cater to various team sizes and preferences. Each game involves solving riddles, following clues, and working together to complete missions. This engaging format ensures that all team members are actively involved. Coddy offers a variety of themes that can even be customized to meet the specific needs and objectives of your team. Whether you have a small group or a large team, Coddy has a game that will suit your requirements.

💰 Budget-Friendly

Affordability and quality go hand in hand with Coddy's escape games. Offering a cost-effective solution for team building, these games maintain high standards while being accessible to companies of all sizes. 

🌍 Available in multiple languages

The games are available in several languages, and each player can play in their own language. So it is also an excellent team building idea for bilingual groups or even multilingual ones! 

🏆 Best Team Building in Brussels

Coddy offers a range of outdoor escape games that are perfect for team building. These games combine adventure, strategy, and fun, making them an ideal choice for companies looking to engage their employees in a meaningful way. The games are set in the beautiful and historic city center of Brussels, providing an exciting backdrop for the activities. The combination of outdoor exploration and riddle-solving creates a unique and immersive experience. 

By the way, if you want your colleagues to discover another city but Brussels, you can have a look at the catalogue of available cities.

Tips for Choosing the Best Team Building Activity

I know, it can be overwhelming to choose the right activity with so many options available. Picking the right team building activity is crucial for making sure that your team has a positive and beneficial experience. So, here are the tips I usually recommend for choosing the teambuilding activity that best suits you: 

🎯 Aligning Activities with Company Goals

Verify that the chosen activity aligns with your company’s team building objectives, whether it’s encouraging interaction between different departments from the company, fostering problem-solving attitude, or simply having fun. Aligning the activity with your company goals ensures that the team building experience is not only enjoyable but also beneficial for achieving your organizational objectives. 

👥 Consider Team Size and Preferences

Choose an activity that suits your team’s size and consider the employees preferences. Selecting an activity that aligns with their interests will increase engagement and participation. Coddy’s outdoor escape games can accommodate different team sizes, from small groups to larger teams. 

🕒 Time Constraints

Sometimes, especially in big companies, the company dedicates the whole day to teambuilding activities. These are squeezed into the busy schedule of the day, where everything is calculated to the millimetre. For this reason, planning an activity with a fixed duration will guarantee that the rest of the day runs smoothly. Coddy has both time-limited and open-ended games, so you can choose what suits you best depending on your needs. 

📋 Gathering Feedback from Team Members

Gather feedback from team members about their preferences and expectations for team building activities. This input can help you choose an activity that meets the needs and interests of your team. 

👉 Your implication

Yes, this is something to bear in mind as well! How much time do you want to spend organising the event? Do you want to lead the activity or do you want an animator to take care of the game? Think about it! The good thing is that here you have options for every case and above all, it's super easy to organise! 

Testimonials and Success Stories of Coddy’s Clients

If you’re skeptical about trying something new, I completely understand. So, in order to reassure you, I’ve gathered a few testimonials within the many companies that have successfully used Coddy’s outdoor escape games for their team building events. OK, I admit it, I feel proud of Coddy receiving this kind of feedback from customers… 🤩 

A great experience! We called on Coddy for our team building (300 people). It was easy and practical. We discovered Brussels in a new way. We highly recommend this application 🙂 .

Catherine, Head of business | Odoo

Everything went very well, the team and I are delighted with the experience we had together, it was a good time shared as a team. The route was very well done and the topics / questions very interesting. Living in the Namur region, I learned a lot about my city. Thank you for the follow-up and the quality of the service delivered, top! 

Nicolas | AXA

It was great, we really had a blast and the teams had a great time. I was a little apprehensive because I thought that full digital might not be as much fun as with physical objects. But we had just as much fun, really.

Jonathan, CEO | Ring Twice

Everyone was very happy with the activity! We had a lot of fun! The game is really fun, well thought-out and original, and the collaborative aspect is very much in evidence. We enjoyed the challenges too. The riddles aren't always obvious, but that adds spice in the end! A success, without a doubt! A number of colleagues have kept the idea in mind and are planning to do it with their families in another town. Many thanks again. 

Magali, Cheffe de division financière | La Louvière

Cost Considerations for a Teambuilding

I know budget constraints can be a significant hurdle when planning team building activities. You are forced to find a balance between the available budget and a quality activity, which does not always go hand in hand… In my opinion, these requirements should always be met for a business activity: 

👛 Budget-Friendly Options

Affordability and quality are not opposites! Coddy's escape games provide a cost-effective solution for team building without compromising on quality. This makes them accessible to companies of all sizes. The affordable pricing allows you to experience a valuable team building without straining your budgets. 

⚖ Value for Money

The engaging and high-quality nature of Coddy’s outdoor escape games makes sure that you get the most out of your investment in the team building activity. 

🔍 Transparent Pricing

Clear and upfront pricing guarantees that you know exactly what you are paying for. No hidden costs. That’s what you’re looking for! Transparent pricing makes it easy to budget for team building activities and also guarantees that there are no surprises when it comes to cost. 

🎁 Customizable Packages

Whether you have a small budget or a larger one, Coddy can provide a package that meets your needs and fit your specific budget. Customizable packages allow you to tailor the team building experience to your capacity and objectives, ensuring that you get the most value from your investment. 

Easy Scheduling Team Building Activity

Fitting teambuilding activities into a busy schedule can be challenging. One of the key advantages of Coddy’s outdoor escape games is their fixed duration, which makes it easier to fit into tight schedules. 

🕒 Fixed-Duration Games

 The fixed duration of Coddy’s games makes it easy for the event organiser to plan and incorporate them into busy work schedules without any disruptions. Depending on the game chosen, the activity can last between 1:30 or 3 hours.

📅 Flexibility in Scheduling

Coddy’s games are guided by Coddy’s app, that allows you to choose a time that works best for your team. It doesn’t matter if you want to plan an activity during work hours or after hours, Coddy’s app is always available and your game, ready to be played! Just find a time that works for everyone, that will maximize participation and engagement. 

How to Organize a Team Building Event with Coddy

 Organizing a teambuilding can be a daunting task, I know... Planning a successful work event requires careful scheduling and coordination. This is how organizing an event with Coddy looks like: 

  1. 🌐 Choose the City and the Game: Visit Coddy's teambuilding website to explore the catalogue of games and available cities. Consider the group size, theme and duration to ensure it fits your team's capabilities and interests.
  2. 📋 Request a Quote: Submit a quote request through the website by providing details about your chosen game, city, and any specific requirements.
  3. 🗨️ Communicate with Coddy: Reach out to Coddy's team if you have any special requests or need a personalized offer. The team is available to assist with customizations.
  4. ✅ Validate the Quote: Once you receive the quote based on your preferences, review and confirm it to finalize your booking.
  5. 🙌 Let’s Play! Before the event, you will receive vouchers to activate the chosen game in the app. So, just head to the starting point, enter the codes in the app, and enjoy the escape game experience!
  6. 📊 Give Us Your Feedback: After the event, share your thoughts and experiences with Coddy. Your feedback helps improve future team-building events and makes sure your future specific needs will be met.

I guess you know by now that Coddy’s outdoor escape games offer a unique and effective way to engage your team in Brussels. With the combination of fun, challenge, and teamwork, these activities are sure to enhance your team’s communication, morale, and problem-solving skills. And the company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures that your team building event you are organising will be a success! 


What are the best team building activities in Brussels?

Coddy’s outdoor escape games are among the best team building activities in Brussels, offering a unique blend of adventure and teamwork. These games provide an engaging and immersive experience that is perfect for fostering teamwork and collaboration. 

Can I choose a Coddy team building activity for a small group?

Yes, all Coddy’s outdoor escape games can be played by small groups, providing an inclusive and engaging experience that brings the entire team together. 

Can I choose a Coddy team building activity for a large group?

Absolutely, Coddy’s games are designed to be scalable, making them suitable for larger teams as well. Coddy's games can accommodate large groups, ensuring that every team member is actively involved and engaged. 

What benefits can Coddy’s team building activities provide?

Coddy’s activities improve communication, boost morale, and enhance problem-solving skills, making them highly beneficial for teams. These benefits contribute to a more cohesive and motivated team, leading to improved performance and job satisfaction. 

Are there any original team building activities in Brussels?

Yes, Coddy’s outdoor escape games are original and provide a fresh, exciting way to engage in team building. Coddy's unique and innovative games offer a new approach to team building, providing a memorable and impactful experience for your team. 


Join the ultimate urban team building adventure where riddles reveal the city's secrets.

Take your colleagues on a journey of discovery and fun, while creating unforgettable team memories!

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