Team Building in Luxembourg

Coddy is your premier choice for team building activities in Luxembourg. Our app transforms the city into a playground, offering a unique way to explore and learn about the city around you.

Average rating: 4.4 /5

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Team Building in Luxembourg

Discover Outdoor Team Building Like Never Before

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Like over 600 other companies, you too can rely on Coddy for your team building activity! Go on an adventure with a city exploration game for a complete team building experience.

What is Coddy?

Coddy is an innovative mobile app that transforms Luxembourg into an interactive escape game. Through your smartphone, Coddy guides you on an adventure filled with puzzles and challenges, offering a unique way to explore and learn about the city around you.

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Solve Luxembourg's Riddles with Coddy

Coddy turns Luxembourg into an escape game. Navigate and solve puzzles on your phone, discovering city secrets.

Explore Luxembourg in a New Way

With Coddy, colleagues uncover Luxembourg's gems during a memorable team building adventure.

Race Against the Clock in Luxembourg

Coddy sets a timer for your Luxembourg adventure. Solve puzzles quickly to progress and finish on time.

Climb the Luxembourg Leaderboard

Correct answers in Coddy earn points. Aim high to secure your place on the Luxembourg leaderboard.

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NEW Team Building Game

The Trophy of the Tribes

Take part in the battle of the millennium with your colleagues and try to lift the Trophy of the Tribes! 🏆

  • Urban challenges in the city center.
  • Each team member plays a role.
  • Cooperative & competitive game.
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Available games in Luxembourg

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The Trophy of the Tribes LUXEMBOURG

  • 2.5 km
  • EN FR


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  • Starting location: Place Guillaume II, Luxembourg Ville
  • Ending location: Place Guillaume II, Luxembourg Ville
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Secrets of Luxembourg

  • 4.5/5
  • 139 min.
  • 3 km

Discover touristic but mostly hidden spots throughout the city of LuxemburgHistorical anecdotes about the monuments and facades on...

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  • Starting location: Place des Martyrs, Luxembourg
  • Ending location: Place de Clairefontaine, Luxembourg
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The Alchemist LUXEMBOURG

  • 4.3/5
  • 127 min.
  • 5.5 km
  • EN FR NL

An immersive medieval investigation, based on real events in 1555.You will play as an alchemist searching for clues about the stra...

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  • Starting location: Place d'Armes, 1136 Luxembourg
  • Ending location: Abbaye de Neumünster, 2160 Luxembourg

Small group or large team? We’ve got you covered.


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  • Team of 6 players maximum


Package with assistance for groups of more than 20 people
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20 Players x €15.00
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  • Free team composition
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Real-time leaderboard
  • Dispatching of teams at the start of the game

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Package with on-site presence.
1250 Tax excl.
50 Players x €25.00
  • Everything in the PRO +
  • Game customization
  • On-site presence*
    *Only available in a couple of cities in Belgium at the moment.

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Why Choose Coddy for Team Building in Luxembourg

Coddy transforms team building into a self-guided exploration of Luxembourg, all from the convenience of your smartphone. Our app guides your team through the city's iconic landmarks and hidden gems, turning Luxembourg into your very own playground.

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Transform Luxembourg into Your Playground

Coddy turns Luxembourg into a stage for team building. Explore landmarks and hidden gems with our app.

Strengthen Bonds in Luxembourg

Coddy fosters team spirit. Colleagues collaborate to solve puzzles, making Luxembourg exploration a bonding experience.

Affordable Team Building in Luxembourg

With Coddy, effective team building is accessible. It's easy and affordable to unite your team in Luxembourg.