Why do schools love Coddy ?

Tips 10-04-2024
Why do schools love Coddy ?

The educational benefits

So convinced? Join us for an unforgettable adventure with Coddy and turn your school outings into magical moments filled with learning and fun.

Now you might be wondering, what makes our urban escape games so special ? Well, let us tell you ! With Coddy, you only need one smartphone per team - no more lugging around lons of equipment ! And guess what ? Our games are available in several languages, so there’s no excuse not to take part ! 

The benefits of an urban escape game

But wait, there's more! Our escape games aren't just fun, they're also incredibly educational. By solving puzzles together, students learn to collaborate, communicate and make decisions as a team. And, by exploring their urban environment interactively, they develop a better understanding of local history, geography and culture. Who said learning had to be boring?  

The Coddy experience !

Wondering how to make your school outings as cool as possible ? Well, in this article we’re going to tell you about Coddy’s urban escape games that will turn those boring outings into epic adventures ! 

Imagine a school outing where the walls of the classroom are replaced by the bustling streets of a city and books are exchanged for mysterious riddles to be solved. At Coddy, every outing becomes an immersive adventure, filled with cultural discoveries and exciting activities. We promise you that students will never look at school trips in the same way again. 

Testimonials that speak for themselves

If you're still doubting whether to use Coddy for your next school trip, let us show you what our customers have to say:

"We are delighted with the setup ! The students really enjoyed it, and it was very convenient for us. We will definitely consider this activity for the future. A big thank you ! - Alice, Centre scolaire Saint-Benoit

"A fun game where the students are challenged. They really stepped well, thought, made choices and solved riddles. But they especially had fun ! - Mr Hoylaerts, Kompaz Zaventem

“Great activity for the cohesion of our team. Attendees loved this walk around town and interviewing virtuel characters. Will do it again in another city, one day😀” - Michaël, Ecole du Petit Prince. 


Doe mee aan het ultieme stedelijke teambuildingavontuur waar raadsels de geheimen van de stad onthullen.

Neem je collega's mee op een reis vol ontdekkingen en plezier, terwijl je onvergetelijke teamherinneringen creëert!

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